Player Profile: Jalin Anderson

Somewhere around two years ago Jamal Murray Elite's 6-foot-3 2020 point guard Jalin Anderson moved to Arizona from Jackson, Mississippi.  He instantly earned himself a reputation for being one of the top hooper's in the state for his age group.  He moved into Chandler, Arizona and attended his freshman year at Hamilton High.  A year later he would choose to transfer into Compass Prep, who was building a national Prep School team based in their backyard.  

Anderson had his ups and downs over there in his sophomore season but seemed to come out of the season battle tested and primed for a big spring and summer playing next to nationally ranked 6-foot-10 2020 forward Shon Robinson and Head Coach Phil Lowe.  His father, Brandie, is involved with him every step of the way.  He is on both Compass Prep's and Jamal Murray Elite's coaching staff and spends countless hours with Jalin in the gym and helping him refine his game.  He is undoubtedly his son's number one fan.  

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Phil Lowe is right up there in that respect.  I speak to the AAU coach on a regular basis and every time I do he raves about his starting point guard.  As a team, their squad has endured a lot of changes.  There have been kids that couldn't quite play at the level guys like Anderson and Robinson were pushing them to play at, and then there was guys that have left the team to play elsewhere.  As is the narrative with most in AAU basketball.  However, Shon and Jalin have been the two constant's for that team.  The heart beat and soul of a team that found a way to make it to the championship game of the Jerry Mullen High Profile Tournament with just five players suited up and finished multiple games with only four players on the floor. 

In a game against Team Buddy Buckets (Buddy Hield's AAU organization), Shon Robinson fouled out early on in the second half.  Jalin Anderson responded by going on a rampage with a dominant performance and led his team to a 62-61 win on a buzzer beater.  He cemented himself as one of the top 2020 guards on the West Coast in front of countless scouts, media outlets and college coaches during a live period event.  

In a 5-game span in that tournament, Anderson averaged 21 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists per game.  He came out of that tournament with his first Division-I offer from Head Coach Dan Majerle and Grand Canyon University.  

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He and the Jamal Murray coaching staff have reported having contact with coaching staffs from Northern Arizona, Colorado State, Wisconsin, Portland, Gonzaga, Santa Clara and Santa Barbara among others about the services of the talented point guard.

In a showcase event that I helped host with national scouts Gregg Rosenberg and Anthony Ray, I coached a team with Jalin Anderson on it.  I can not express how much of a pleasure he was to deal with in that event.  A couple new things surfaced to the top for me regarding him.  One, he does not have a true weakness. He is a bigger point guard who can rebound, shoot it, penetrate, handle is nice and he defends at a high level.  Two, he is a very competitive kid that only likes to play at a high level.  Lastly, he is extremely coachable from my perspective.

Offensively, he truly has every aspect of his game in tact.  He can get hot in a hurry from deep, his pull-up game is legit and while he is  not a freakish type of athlete, he is athletic enough to finish in the lane.  His size and strength help him with that as well.  His floater game might be his strongest asset with the ball in his hands.  He is also a high IQ type of kid.  He understands angles and knows how to shield his body from defenders to cut out on turnovers. 

He is also so much of a better distributor than I gave him credit for.  He has great court vision and runs the pick and roll better or as good as I have seen out of any point guard in the 2020 class. He gets into some zones on the offensive end where he calls for the pick and roll himself and runs it to near perfection.  

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On the defensive end, he is a hog at times.  When he feels he is being pushed, the better defensive effort you get from him.  He gets into jerseys like a stitched logo and has long arms that deflect balls on a regular basis.  

Jalin feels his best days are still well ahead of him.  In his words "I am back in my dirty south mindset.  Where I am from, on the court, it is kill or be killed.  When we hoop, we are hooping for something, rather it's for our family or for ourselves.  We just want to be the best out there."  

You can see that shine through Jalin at times.  He plays the game a little hungrier than most.  He has an extra bite to his dog-like mentality.  

He knows he still has a ways to go.  His really wants to work on his ability to change speeds and his pace of play a little more during the fall before the season kicks off for him at Compass Prep.  He knows his recruitment is a long journey and a process and he just wants to find the right fit for how he plays and where he can find comfort.  

It will be a fun and interesting time watching Jalin Anderson develop on and off the court.  Watching his recruitment and where he ends up.  I have definitely become a fan of the young bull's game!  

He will be playing with the Arizona Firestorm 17U team this weekend in the Rebound Hoops event in Las Vegas in what is expected to be a loaded playing field.  



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