Jalen Williams: A Trained Assassin

If you ask around, you will have a hard time finding someone that will say anything bad about the kid that stand-out Perry High School guard Jalen Williams (2019) is.  He's a fun-loving kid with a big smile and goofy, easy-going nature.  Like most kids his age, he loves his Jordan's and the video game, Fortnight.  He spends most of his free time in a basketball gym while carrying a 3.2 GPA.  


Jalen Williams BCNP.jpg

If you get him off the court, he becomes a little bit of a different animal.  He is a trained assassin on the hardwood.  A volume scorer that can get buckets from all 3 levels.  You will not see that bright smile in him much when he takes the floor.  You will see a young man on a mission to light you up! The 3-point line is where he does the majority of his damage.  He shoots it with the best of them.  You will be hard-pressed trying to convince me there are a handful of better shooters in the State of Arizona.  Add in the fact that he has no problem putting the ball on the deck and either pulling-up with a nice mid-range J or taking it to the rack and finishing at the rim or with one of them beautiful floaters.  His handle on some of his social media is "professional scorer."  Can you really argue?

During the spring and summer he suits up for Blue Chip Nation Power and his head coach/trainer Paul Suber.  While the team does not have a big name (per say) on the roster outside of Jalen Williams, it is a team full of guys that play like a pack of rabid dogs.  They get up in you, they press and make you feel uncomfortable.  They swarm to the ball like a hive of bees on a dude that was dumb enough to where a bright yellow shirt around them.  Over the past weekend BCNP made it to the 17U championship game in the Prep Hoops Bash in the Desert.  I would bet the last dollar in my pocket that they forced more jump-balls on the defensive end than anyone in any of the gyms that was hosting games.  And defensively, Jalen fits right into that mold. 

While he is the walking bucket on the offensive end, he swarms on defense and puts forth the effort to get the ball back as much as he does to put it in the cup.  At 6-foot-4 he is long enough to cause problems on the defensive perimeter.  He had good, quick hands the frustrate a  guy trying to penetrate on him.  And he is smart. He makes play with the cerebral part of the game, which is what makes him a step above most in his class.  His skillset and his mind. 

He is also the kid that will be scarfing down fresh fruit and downing water and Gatorade after the game to stay hydrated.  Basketball is not just a game to him, it's a commitment.

Jalen Williams Relentless.JPG

This past season Williams was impressive, averaging just over 21 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals per game for legendary Head Coach Sam Duane while getting the Perry Pumas to the 2nd round of the 6A State playoffs before falling to top seeded, Brophy.  In March, he was selected to take part in the 2018 Relentless AZ All-Star Game.  This spring he has already turned in multiple 25+ point performances as a certified sharp-shooter.  

When he is not practicing or playing for BCNP, he is usually in the gym working on his game.  His next showing on the AAU trail will be in LA for the Compton Magic Adidas Regional Qualifier on May 25-28.  Stay tuned...