Terry Armstrong Gets Arizona. Now Back to the Lab!

It was about 6:25pm when my phone rang.  On the other end of the phone was Terry Armstrong, the 6-foot-6 2019 super-talented shooting guard from Bella Vista Prep in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Flint, Michigan native had just stepped out of the gym from getting up shots with Bella Vista assistant coach Dylan Gilless.  He had just found out that he was receiving an offer from Head Coach Sean Miller and the University of Arizona.  His first order of business? GET BACK TO WORK!

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Armstrong has received national attention after the season he had at Bella Vista under Head Coach Kyle Weaver.  He earned the MVP of the Grind Session in Kentucky in his final showing of his junior season.  He has continued to ride that big boy train into the spring with the Nike Phamily, averaging nearly 21 points and 6 rebounds a game on the EYBL circuit.  He is making a strong case to see a big hike in his national ranking.

While he is intrigued and feels truly honored to have Arizona offer him, he is wide open as far as his recruitment goes at this point.  Prior to the Pac-12 powerhouse offering him, he held offers from Florida State, Arkansas, Creighton, Boston College, DePaul, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Xavier, Mississippi State, New Mexico State and Western Kentucky with several other high majors highly interested.

Terry Armstrong is a certified bucket-getter.  He is long and athletic and agile.  He is crafty with a shed full of offensive tools.  He has the kind of hops that can leave people on posters and moves that can leave players a little dumbfounded on how to stop a player that can give you 30 on any given night.  And the scary thing is, he is only getting better.

Most “basketball people” that have seen him play enough will tell you that his two areas that leave something to want are consistency on his outside shot and his intensity on the defensive end.  When engaged, his length and quick feet make him an issue on that end.  When he is hot, that shot looks like an NBA 2-guard is shooting it.  It’s the consistency in those two areas that has Terry in a gym fresh off of getting a call from one of the most prominent schools in all of college basketball.  It’s a will he has to get better and to be considered one of the top players in all of America. 

Terry left Flint, Michigan and moved out to the deserts of Arizona with a mission.  He wanted to develop his game and play against better competition.  He feels he has achieved that at Bella Vista.  After having to sit out of basketball for nearly a year due to injury, he lost his spot in the ESPN national rankings.  While most top players claim to not care about that stuff, that’s not the response you will get out of Terry.  He has a competitive drive and uses things like that and the genuine feeling that he believes he is overlooked as motivation.  He puts in hours in the gym and knows that he wants his ranking back.  He wants people to know who one of the best to do it in the nation is.  While I have only had a handful of exchanges with him, I have a feeling that most should know better than to bet against Terry Armstrong. 

With the help of a few family and friends, he feels at peace with all the changes and decisions he has made in his life.  He flew across the country to play the game he loves so much at a higher level and succeeded.  He went on to the circuit and made the decision to play with Coach Marvin Bagley II and the Nike Phamily.  He has flourished in the Spring.  Hence, the Arizona offer. 

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A few months back, Terry tragically lost his father.  He made peace with it and him being gone by just knowing that his father is at a place right now where he is still proud of him.  “My dad loved what I was doing with basketball and it made him happy.  He used to tell me that he would brag to all his friends about what I was doing on the court. That’s how I keep it all together.  I want him to be proud of what I’m doing.”

I got to understand something with Terry in the few times I have had my exchanges with him.  One, he is a quiet and reserved kid.  He is cordial and polite, but he is not a rah-rah kid to say the least.  However, you get the impression that that engine really roars once it gets ignited. 

As he moves into July he is geared up to go out of his last month of AAU basketball with a bang.  He is working extensively right now with trying to develop as close to an automatic mid-range and long-distance game as he possibly can and is working to get his name back out there on a national pedestal, while trying to drop off a few L’s to opposing players.

Moving into his last high school season at Bella Vista, he is ready to get geared up for the next level.  Playing against some of the nations top high school talent should allow him to do just that.  He wants to be great.  He wants to play this game at the highest level that the basketball Gods will possibly allow him to.  He wants to one day be able to help his family out with all the hard work and dedication he has given to his craft. 

I, personally, am a firm believer that one day he will do just that.

S/O to Tanager Sports for the footage below.  Armstrong is back in his bag! #RelentlessAthlete

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