Emmanuel Taban Gets Offer to Pangos All-American Camp

Apollo High School's 6-foot-7 2019 Wing Emmanuel Taban has developed into quite the Division-I college prospect on the hardwood.  The lanky and smooth sharpshooter has worked on his game tirelessly and developed quite the offensive skillset.  It's not just his ability to knock down shots on the perimeter, but the degree of difficulty of which he can get it off and make them.  Taban has worked his way to a top-150 national ranking.  Now he can add an invite to the prestigious Pangos All-American Camp to his resume as well, as his Factory AAU coach Kenny Mullins informed him on Friday evening that he got the news that his star player was being asked to go be a representative of Arizona basketball in the camp that brings some of the nations top talent in. 

I was in attendance for a game between Apollo/McClintock High match-up this past season.  Taban and Apollo would lose the home game, however it was one offensive sequence that made me become a fan of Taban's game.  He got the ball on the left wing.  He used his length to swim the ball over the defender and put it on the deck.  At 6-7, he had a defender on him that was no taller than 6-3.  After one right-handed power dribble he rose over the defender and used his length and high-release to get a clean shot off with a defender draped on his side.  He hit the shot and got the and-one call with the defender bumping into his left hip.  It was an instant, "wow, that's a big-time move."

Since that game I have seen Taban a handful of times.  Each time I have seen him, he hits one of those shots that have a high degree of difficulty.  But it's not the fact that he hits the shot that intrigues you so much, as you are breaking down  his game.  It's the skillset it takes to get the shot off in the first place.  While he could use a good steak dinner or twenty, he is very balanced and gets his shot up with a solid foundation.  

Taban is not a crazy athlete.  He will not wow you with rim-rocking dunks or acrobatic finishes.  However, he is fundamentally sound and plays with a confidence and poise.  His length and ability to move laterally well make him an elite-level defender.  He seems tailor-made to be the ultimate "3-and-D" guy at the next level.  

On behalf of the Arizona basketball community and Relentless Recruiting, congratulations "E.T."  We know you will represent yourself and Arizona well. 

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