Dalen Terry Soaring to New Heights

6-foot-5 2020 Point Guard Dalen Terry is riding a new wave these days.  This past weekend he played in his first showing with his Compton Magic 16U Elite team in the Mark Mayemura Classic at Westminster High.  Since that event, my inbox and text messages have blown up with national scouts and high school basketball media.  The messages tend to go something like this, "Dude, that Dalen Terry kid from Arizona is the real deal.  He might be big time," or more to the tune of "Man, that kid Terry might end up being a top 40 player in America."

I have an admission, they are not telling me anything I haven't seen and known for months.  

My first time seeing Dalen was at a game on my side of town, 10 minutes from my house.  It was him against another rising point guard prospect, 6-2 2019 point guard Isaiah Marin, and Terry was impressed me to the point that I left there and immediately googled his name.  He was long, smooth and his court vision was on another level.  He made it so much easier for teammates to score and was playing on a team that does not possess much offensive firepower.  

I saw Dalen a couple more times during the high school season.  He had a few struggles after people figured out that the way to beat his Corona Del Sol team was to stop DT from playmaking and trying to keep the ball out of his hands.  However, he still found a way to have a huge season and after a couple great performances and a crazy 1/2 court game-winning shot on the Phoenix Suns Arena later, here we are... "Dalen Terry might end up being a Top 40 player in the country."

Terry is playing alongside Hillcrest Prep's 6-foot-11 2020 big man and St. Louis native, Davion Bradford.  The pick-and-roll sets you can run with those two for the next few years is scary.  Usually Terry will have a 6'-6'2" guard on him and with the size of Bradford and his ability to finish down low, that is a scary situation for any defense to be in.  And on the defensive side of the ball he can be a nightmare.  He plays just as long on defense as his frame allows him to.  He has a real knack for poking at the ball with those long arms and creating turnovers to get his team out on the break.  He has the physical and mental tools to be an elite defender at every level he plays on.

Terry still has some work to do.  His shot could use some consistency and more lift on it.  His frame may not ever fill out to the tune of a physical specimen, but it could sure use a couple extra trips to the buffet line.  As of late, Dalen has started to finish plays with some nice dunks.  It will be interesting to see where his athleticism ends up at.  It looks like his legs are starting to catch up to his level of play and his understanding of the game. 

Compton Magic's head-man-in-charge, Etop Udo-Ema has fallen head-over-heels in love with Terry's talent, as has Phoenix-native and Compton Magic Assistant Coach Ray Arvisu Jr. Terry currently holds an offer from Grand Canyon.  Expect that list to start growing drastically very, very soon.  


Dalen Terry dunk.JPG
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